Baby Care & Safety Course

Our Baby Care & Safety course is an introduction to baby care & baby safety, which lays the perfect foundation to launch a candidate to become a professional child minder.

Cost: R1,200.00 per candidate (2018)

2 days Training from 08h30 to 16h00 (approximate estimation - depending on the size of the group)
1-day Theoretical Testing - written & practical exam (usually the following Friday - unless otherwise arranged)
Approximately 1 month Practical - consisting of 8 Day & 8 Night shifts - rotating to different aspects of baby care - for real world experience & assessment

Course Outline:
Training dates will be confirmed & is usually held on the first available Thursday & Friday of the month. The Test day is the first Friday after training.

Professionalism & Work Ethics:
Who makes a great care worker?
The Heart & Attitude of a care worker
Understanding your role
Understanding the customer & baby
Do NOT take Advantage
Personal Hygiene
Acting Professionally
Policies for different situations

Baby Care & duties:
Caring for a newborn
Handling the baby
Feeding time
Winding Babies
Sleeping time
Changing nappies
Potty training
Going out
Bathing time
Play time & stimulation introduction & overview
Boundaries & Discipline

Baby Safety:
Injury preventative measures & thinking
Responding to an emergency
Introduction to Infant & child CPR
Introduction to Infant & child Heimlich Manoeuvre (Choking)
Caring for a sick or injured child
Giving medicine
Bleeding- cuts / scrapes
Head injuries
Eye injuries
Nose bleeds
Bites & stings