Day- & Night Nannies

Nannies or Childminders take care of your baby when you are not able to or when you just prefer to have some help.
All our Nannies have a minimum qualification of a Child Care & Basic First Aid course , which was obtained through a recognized training institution. They are childminders & NOT domestic workers. Thus their domestic duties are restricted to the child under their care. Nannies & Night Nannies (also known as Night Nurses) have a work week of between 45 hours (day) & 72 hours (night). We offer employment options for Ad hoc, Monthly Hiring or once-off Private Placements.

Ad Hoc rates start from R325.00 per shift & Private Monthly Rates start from R3,750.00

Baby Sitters & Au Pairs 

Baby Sitters are either normal Nannies or students who will occasionally look after your child , while you take a break or meet a responsibility. Babysitting hours usually range between 3 – 6 hours per shift. We charge a  minimum shift rate for the first 4 hours, thereafter an hourly rate applies. Babysitting rates start from R300.00 per 4 hours.

Au Pairs are usually students with a valid driver’s license & a reliable vehicle who can assist with your daily chores & taking care of your children. They cover a large range of services which may include babysitting, overseeing & helping with home work, dropping & picking the kids up from school & taking them to extra mural activities, etc. Their rates start from R50.00 ph + R4.00 per km for any driving done on your behalf.

Nanny-Domestics & Domestic-Nannies

Nanny-Domestics’ work duties are split between child minding & light domestic work. They only work day shifts, with a work week of about 45 hours. Baby care duties take precedence over the domestic chores, as the child’s well being is their number one priority. They are not considered to be just another domestic worker but a child minder first & foremost.
If your requirements are more on the domestic side, you may rather want to consider a Domestic-Nanny, whose focus is more on her domestic duties, with only occasional child minding requirements.

Ad Hoc rates start from R350.00 per shift & monthly private rates from R4,000.00

Ad Hoc Rates

Type Shift Shift Rate Over Time Rate
Day Nanny 9 hrs R325.00 R35.00
Night Nanny 12 hrs R395.00 R35.00
Nanny-Domestic 9 hrs R350.00 R40.00
Babysitter 4 hrs < R300.00 R50.00
Au Pair ph   R50.00 - R100.00

* rates ares for the care of one child, inclusive of the Agency fee

Monthly Rates

Type Shift Days Private Start Rate
Day Nanny 9 hrs Mon - Fri R3,750.00 +
Night Nanny 12 hrs Mon - Fri R4,500.00 +
Nanny-Domestic 9 hrs Mon - Fri R4,000.00 +
Au Pair varies R5,000.00 +

 * private rates for the care of one child, exclusive of the Agency fee