Elderly Care

SA Nanny provide qualified Care Workers to care for the elderly or frail in a private home setting, assisting with daily activities & duties.
There are many reasons to make use of a Care Worker, as old age or unexpected physical & mental setbacks can affect anybody!
You may need Home Care due to the fact that you are waiting on a care facility to accept your application, or you may just choose to receive care in the comfort of a private home! Care workers can work regular day or night shifts on a weekly or monthly basis, or provide 24/7 live-in assistance on a shift bases between two care workers, to ensure you receive the care you may need, when you need it!

Quality Care

SA Nanny Carer Workers are trained Health Care Workers through recognised training facilities, as either:

  • Lay health care workers
  • Care workers
  • Ancillary nurses (Pre-nurses)
  • Auxiliary nurse (Nursing assistants) or ENA's
  • Professional, Enrolled or Staff Nurses

Reliable Care

They are trained to assist patients with duties such as:

  • Bed baths,
  • Mobility & bathroom assistance,
  • Circulation stimulation
  • Treating bedsores
  • Companionship
  • Preparing meals & feeding the patient
  • General tidying of the home
  • Reminding & giving of medication
  • Monitoring of vital signs & many more duties

We aim to provide & facilitate a service that suite your requirements & needs

Ad Hoc Rates

Ad Hoc rates start from R 300.00 per shift or R 3,750.00 per month for a private arrangement. 24/7 Monthly rates start from R 8,000.00 per month

Type Shift Ad Hoc Shift Rate Over Time Rate
Day Care Worker 9 hrs R325.00 R35.00
Night Care Worker 12 hrs R395.00 R35.00
Carer-Domestic 9 hrs R350.00 R40.00
24/7 Care Worker 24 hrs < R500.00 R35.00
Nurse 12 hrs R550.00 R75.00

Monthly Rates

Type Shift Days Private Start Rate
Day Care Worker 9 hrs Mon - Fri R4,000.00 + pm
Night Care Worker 12 hrs Mon - Fri R4,500.00 + pm
24/7 Care Workers 24 hrs Live-in Mon - Sun R8,000.00 + pm
Nurse 12 hrs Mon- Fri R5,500.00 + pm