What we Offer

SA Nanny prides itself in providing quality Home Care Services & Solutions.

We offer Choice, Convenience, Experience & Affordability!

All our Care Workers are carefully checked & selected to meet our strict standards which include:

Relevant Training Qualifications, from recognized training facilities & institutions.

Previous work experience & reference checking.

Personal interviews & evaluations.

Choice & Convenience

We offer various options to get the service you require, without the added effort!

Some options free you from the worry of:

  • Employment contracts*
  • Complicated Labour Laws*
  • UIF, PAYE & other legal requirements*

*for Ad Hoc & Hiring options only

Once you have decided on the Service you require, you can submit an official Application form with your personal information & preferences.

You will have to read through & agree to our Service Agreement to proceed.

We will then contact you with CV Summaries of suitable Candidates, to set up interviews or to confirm a service commencement date!

Engagement Options

Depending on your individual requirements, we offer you different Options to engage the services you may require:

  • Ad Hoc
  • Hiring
  • Private Placement

 The Options offered is to cater for your preferences:

Ad Hoc (Set rates + hourly OT)

The Option aimed mainly at those Customers who requires occasional or infrequent Care shifts.

Ad Hoc shifts are set shifts for the Service you require at 9-hours for a Day- & 12-hours for a Night-shift. The Rate is set for a shift & an hourly over time rate will apply for any over time worked, i.e. R300.00 / 9-hour Day-Nanny shift & R30.00 p/h OT & R375.00 / 12-hour Night-Nanny shift & R30.00 p/h OT.Ad Hoc shifts are charged through the Agency & you will be invoiced for the number of shifts & hours over time worked, as per the Care Worker’s time sheet. Each Ad Hoc shift rate includes both the Care Worker’s Rate & the Agency’s fee.

Customer’s will pay the full invoice amount for the services rendered.No direct payments will be made from the Customer to the Carer.

 Please note: Ad Hoc services are NOT charged on a purely hourly rate, but on the Set Shift + Over Time for the Service. Where you require less hours than the shift specification, it is a case of “Use it or Lose it” regarding the hours offered.

Hiring Option (Agreed Salary + any OT + 20% Admin Fee)

The Option aimed at Customers who require regular or longer-term services form a regular Care Worker, but who do not wish to act nor take on the responsibility of being the Employer of the Carer.

The Agency will contract the Care Worker on the behalf of the Customer & will manage the service relationship, which include:

  • The Contractor engagement agreement (contracting of the Care Worker)
  • The Processing of Monthly rate calculations & Pay slips based on the submitted times worked for the given period or month.
  • Keeping track of accumulated annual- & sick leave balances
  • Dealing with any disciplinary actions
  • Ending the service engagement

This is the ideal option for those Customers who want someone more permanently, but who does not want the hassle of the administration involved in the private employment of the Care Worker.

The Agency charges a monthly administration fee of 20% based on the Agreed monthly rate of the Care Worker, plus any Over time.

An accurate monthly time sheet must be submitted to the Agency for processing, which will result in the Agency Invoice & the Care Worker’s Pay slip, which the Customer will have to settle promptly.

Private Placement (10% on annual package)

The Option aimed at the “do-it-yourself” Customer who wants to take charge of the whole Employment relationship, from the Contracting, to Termination (no active Agency involvement)

The Agency will supply you with suitable Care Worker Candidates, based on availability & your requirements & offering.

We find them for you & you then employ them privately.

The Agency charges a once-off “Finder’s Fee” at 10% of the projected annual offer made to the Care Worker & offers a 90-day support * period from the commencement date.

We also make a contract template, as well as UIF registration instructions available to Private Placement Customers.

PLEASE NOTE: a signed Time sheet is an Agency requirement for both Ad Hoc & Hiring Option Customers.

*when paid in-full with-in 7-days from invoice date


We bring Private Home Care within everybody's reach & aim to provide the required care without necessarily breaking the bank.
Care worker rates vary, based on their Experience & Qualification levels


The Agency’s Position & Role
We are the go-between for our Customers & Care Workers. Customers engage our services to assist them in finding suitable Care Workers for their unique requirements & needs. Care Workers join the Agency, making themselves available to deliver Care Services to the Agency’s Customers. The Agency is not actively involved in the day-to-day supervision of the Care Workers performing their duties but do provide guidelines & policies for an effective Service relationship between the parties. The Agency will assist where they can, to ensure the Service Relationship is a success.

We aim to educate & support all our Care Workers who wish to work through the Agency & thus providing skilled professionals to all our paying Customers. The reality is that the Agency may be able to source & provide suitably trained & qualified Care Workers, but we are unfortunately unable to constantly supervise them at your private home! Customers are ultimately responsible for their own families & homes.

We rely on a partnership relationship with our Customers to ensure that the Care Workers perform their duties in a patient, loving, skillful & professional manner. Each Customer is ultimately responsible for the running of their own homes, which also include the management of their staff. We simplify the Employment process of a Care Worker, by handling your labor related requirements, thus freeing you up to enjoy more time with your loved ones or fulfilling your personal commitments. We encourage Customers to report problematic Care Worker behavior or sub-standard work performances immediately to us. We approach every incident with care & tact, as we understand the complexes of a Care Worker looking after a loved one. We will always act in your best interest! We are often notified of a problematic issue, after it is too late to rectify or salvage the situation. We urge our Customers to set the precedent from the very beginning regarding expected work standards, as well as allowances made towards a Care Worker.

Money Matters - Salaries & Rates
We understand that every Customer has budget constraints & would advise you to calculate the amount you can afford beforehand. It is very important to remember that you usually get what you pay for! When you demand the Best Care Worker, you will unfortunately have to pay their top price. We are committed to get you a suitably qualified Care Worker to meet your reasonable budget! Payments & rates play a very big part in a successful work relationship & needs to be considered carefully. Pay your Care Worker on time each month, as late payments could cause unnecessary complications, stress & may even lead to work dissatisfaction from the Care Worker. Please do NOT lend money to a Care Worker, especially new employees. If you do, you stand the risk of losing that money if the arrangement does not work out! The Agency takes no responsibility for private loans made by Clients to Care Workers.

We face many challenges as South Africans, including a diversity of cultures, languages & political views, which can often be a stumbling block in the work relationship. Please be mindful of this. We encourage, educate, screen-&-check all our Care Workers to deliver a professional service, but this however does not always guarantee complete satisfaction & success. When you give instructions to a new Care Worker, please check & ensure your Care Worker understands completely what you expect of them!

The Agency screens & checks all our Candidates in terms of their qualifications & previous work experience, to ensure you get the best available Care Workers for your position. All Candidates must submit a Police Clearance Certificate on an annual basis to indicate that they have no criminal charges nor convictions!
We do not recommend the sole reliance on a Police Clearance Certificate, as it creates a false sense of security, due to the checks only flagging individuals who were convicted of a crime. Unfortunately, South Africa has a very low conviction rate, due to an overcrowded justice system, as well as people laying a charge for a crime, but never attending the actual hearing & thus the case gets dismissed. The Care Worker will never get flagged due to non-conviction. SA Nanny mainly rely on personal references & the vigilance from our Customers. Be mindful of personal belongings & valuables. Take reasonable care to lock these items away & remove any unnecessary temptations. The Agency, nor any other check for that matter, can guarantee future human behavior. We do however screen & check each Care Worker to determine their past conduct, as an indicator for future behavior regarding honesty & professionalism. Any type of issue or dispute must be reported to the Agency immediately in writing via email. We encourage our Customers to take preventative steps to make Care Workers aware of their concerns over their loved ones & home. We recommend installing security cameras & checking them regularly to prevent any unwanted incidents or behaviors to take place. Customers must report any behavior that raises concern immediately to the Agency.

As an Agency, we do not send full CV's of Care Workers, but only a CV Summary. A CV Summary only states the most obvious of information about the individual, like their previous work experience & training qualifications. In our experience, a full CV does not do a Care Worker justice or paint a full picture of the individual! It is best to do a one-on-one interview to determine if they will suite your personality, position & needs.

SA Nanny aims to create a Win-Win situation for ALL parties. This can only be achieved by the full commitment & co-operations by everyone involved.
A Win-Win situation is based & can only be achieved by Fairness & Reasonability, which implies that each party must act fairly towards the others involved & vice versa, as well as a fair amount of reasonability in our expectations, demands & performances.