Care Workers

We are always looking for kind & quality Carer Workers to join our Agency!

We want willing & able Carers to provide a service of excellence to our Customers!

Are you the RIGHT person to join SA Nanny? 

  • Have you done a Care Course in any of the Home Care fields through a recognized training institution?
  • Have you worked before & received positive work references?
  • Do you have a current Police Clearance Certificate?
  • Do you agree to the Agency’s Terms & Conditions?

IF SO, we are happy to receive your Application!

After we received your application, we will contact you with a time & date for an interview.

What must you bring to the interview?

  • ** A Certified Copy of your ID, Passport or Driver's license **
  • ** Foreigners must bring certified copies of their Passport & valid work permit **
  • ** Certified Copies of your Training Certificates **
  • ** Copies of your previous work references, with working contact details **
  • ** A copy of your CV, for the Agency to keep **
  • ** A recent Police criminal clearance certificate (no older than 12 months) **

Please Note: SA Nanny does not guarantee employment nor promise any jobs! 

After the interview, you will be required to do the SA Nanny Professionalism & Work Ethics workshop.

This will teach you the Agency's rules & policies regarding:

  • Professionalism in the work place
  • Agency & Customer expectations
  • Processes & Policies

You can e-mail or fax us your details or complete the online application.