SA Nanny wants to ensure that every work arrangement is compliant with the legal requirements & guidelines as set out in the Basic Conditions of Employment & the Labor Acts, ensuring the fairness towards all parties involved.

Please take note of the Minimum wage changes that came into effect from 1 January 2019

Topics & guidelines:

  • Wage or Pay
  • Leave
  • Annual Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Family Responsibility Leave
  • Termination

Minimum Wage for the Domestic Sector

As of the 3rd of December 2018 the following minimum rates will apply in the Greater Johannesburg & other main urban areas of South Africa:


Working MORE than 27-hours per Week

Hourly Rate                                    R13.69

Weekly Rate (max 45 hrs)                R616.03

Monthly Rate (max 45 hrs /wk)        R 2,669.24

Working LESS than 27-hours per Week

Hourly Rate                                    R16.03

Weekly Rate                                   R432.78

Monthly Rate                                  R 1,875.22


Working MORE than 27-hours per Week

Hourly Rate                                    R13.05

Weekly Rate (max 45 hrs)                R587.40

Monthly Rate (max 45 hrs /wk)         R 2,545.22

Working LESS than 27-hours per Week

Hourly Rate                                    R15.28

Weekly Rate                                   R412.60

Monthly Rate                                  R 1,787.80

Annual Leave (independent contractors appointed by agencies)

Number of Leave Days

Care Workers must get at least – 21 consecutive days (15 work days & 3 weekends) annual leave after 12 months of continuous service, or 1 day for every 17 days or shifts worked, for service less than 12 months, or 1 hour for every 17 hours worked.

Timing of Leave

Both the Customer and Care worker must agree to the timing of leave.  If they cannot agree, the Customer makes the final decision. A Customer may not require or permit a Care worker to work during any period of annual leave.

Leave must be granted not later than 6 months after the end of the annual leave cycle (12-month periods from date of appointment).

Pay Instead of Annual Leave

Customers must pay Care workers the equivalent amount for annual leave as paid for days worked. This is to be paid before the Care workers leave period. Customers cannot pay Care workers instead of granting leave, except on termination of the arrangement.

Annual Leave and Public Holidays

A public holiday cannot be counted as annual leave.

Sick Leave Number of Leave Days

A Care Worker is entitled to 6 weeks’ paid sick leave in a period of 36 months. However, during the first 6 months of appointment, Care workers are only entitled to 1 day’s paid sick leave for every 26 days worked.

Proof of Illness

An official medical certificate may be provided by a:

Medical practitioner
Clinic nurse
Traditional healer
Community health worker

The Agency & Customer may require a medical certificate before paying Care workers who are absent for more than 2 consecutive days or who are often absent (more than twice in an 8-week period). Fees that are paid for medical treatment by an Customer may be deducted from the Care workers’ pay.

Family Responsibility Leave

The provisions for family responsibility leave do not apply to Care workers who work less than -

4 months for a customer

4 days a week for one customer

24 hours a month received leave over and above that provided for by the Act.

Number of Leave Days

Full time care workers may take 3 days of paid family responsibility leave during each annual leave cycle (12 month periods from date of appointment). Family responsibility leave expires at the end of the annual cycle.

Reasons for Leave

When the Care worker’s child is born
When the Care worker’s child is sick

in the event of the death of the Care worker’s:

Spouse or life partner
Parent or adoptive parent
Child or adopted child


Employers may require reasonable proof of the birth, illness or death for which a worker requests leave. Based on Legislation in Section 27, of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act